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'You Who Came From The Stars' V. 'The Heirs'
'You Who Came From The Stars' V. 'The Heirs' - Lee Minho Philippines -
Two of the past year's hottest dramas are currently competing in the 9th Seoul Drama Awards. "You Who Came From The Stars" and "The Heirs" are both up for Best Drama, The Most Popular Actor," "The Most Popular Actress, and the best soundtrack. It seems certain that one of these dramas will win first place in at least of those categories and the other will win second place as no other series can come close.

So far, "The Heirs," starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin, is in first place in the drama category with 539,090 SNS votes. "You Who Came From The Stars," which stars Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun and Park Hae Jin, is next with 213,726 votes. That's a big margin for "The Heirs" but still places "You Who Came From The Stars" way ahead of the competition. In the soundtrack category, "You Who Came from The Stars," featuring the song "My Destiny" by Lyn, leads with 53.5 percent. "The Heirs" is so far in second place with 40.7 percent.

"You Who Came From The Stars" ended in February. "The Heirs" ended in Decemberbut its loyal fan base is no less loyal six months later.

Also known as the SDA, the Seoul International Drama Awards is an awards show to celebrate excellence in television drama. The awards ceremony will take place on Sept. 4 in the National Theater of Korea.

This year's drama nominees are an interesting mix of shows that got both positive and negative reviews as well as shows that got top and low ratings. They include "Good Doctor," "Future's Choice," "Pretty Man," "Shark," "Empress Ki," "Goddess of Fire," "Scandal," "Golden Rainbow," "I Hear Your Voice," "The Master's Sun," "You Who Came From The Stars," and "The Heirs." To qualify dramas had be aired between May 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014.

The nominated actors include Joo Won for "Good Doctor," Jung Yong Hwa for "Future's Choice," Ji Chang Wook for "Empress Ki," Kim Jae Won for "Scandal," Kim Soo Hyun for "You Who Came For The Stars" and Lee Min Ho for "The Heirs."

The nominated actresses include Moon Chae Won for "Good Doctor," IU for "Pretty Man," Ha Ji Won for "Empress Ki," Moon Geun Young for "Goddess of Fire," Jun Ji Hyun for "You Who Came From The Stars" and Park Shin Hye for "The Heirs."

Both "The Heirs" and "You Who Came For The Stars" had a lot to offer. Who do you think should win?

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S. Korean actor Lee Min-ho to go on global 'fan meeting' tour
 S. Korean actor Lee Min-ho to go on global 'fan meeting' tour - Lee Minho Philippines -


South Korean actor Lee Min-ho, who is popular at home and in China, will begin a global tour to meet with his fans in September, his management agency said Monday.

Lee has annually toured around Asian countries to meet his foreign fans since the success of the KBS 2 channel's soap series "Boys Before Flowers" in 2009. This year, he plans to go to the Americas, Starhaus Entertainment said.

The tour titled "RE:minho" will begin in Seoul and take him to Beijing, Tokyo and other major cities, the agency said, adding that detailed itineraries will be announced later on the agency's website.

"Re:minho," meaning "a new start," will reveal the 27-year-old star's fresh and diverse aspects, it said.

Last year, tickets for Lee's fan festivals in eight Asian cities were all sold out, drawing some 52,000 fans in total.

He is currently shooting "Gangnam Blues," a Korean noir action film directed by Yoo Ha and also starring Kim Rae-won. Most recently, he captivated fans at home and in China for his lead role in the SBS TV series "The Heirs."

Photo cr. Starhaus
Lee Min Ho touches fans' hearts with his appreciation for them during his fan meeting in Seoul
Lee Min Ho touches fans' hearts with his appreciation for them during his fan meeting in Seoul - Lee Minho Philippines -
Lee Min Ho recently greeted fans with his handsome visuals during his fan meeting in Gangnam, Seoul.

Lee Min Ho held his fan meeting at M-Cube on the 3rd floor of CGV Cheongdam Cine City in Gangnam, Seoul on July 8. Lucky fans were invited to the fan meeting through a 'Twosome Place' Facebook event. The actor showed up with the music and outfit that fans selected and showed off his bartending skills with his ice mint americano.

Lee Min Ho also shared, "Among the female co-stars who I acted with, the partner who I was able to film the most comfortably and have fun with is Kim Hee Sun."

He then performed a bit of his song "Say Yes" and touched fans' hearts with his appreciation for them, sharing, "Fans are the reason for my existence as an actor... I thank all of my fans and I will greet you through 'Gangnam Blues' soon." he also performed a bit of his song "Say Yes".

Gangnam Blues
Gangnam Blues - Lee Minho Philippines -
lee minho's new movie :) minho's new movie entitled "Gangnam Blues"