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[SURVEY] Gangnam Blues in the Philippines  - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
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Lee Min Ho wraps up his concert in Guangzhou, China with 7,000 fans
Lee Min Ho wraps up his concert in Guangzhou, China with 7,000 fans - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
Actor Lee Min Ho successfully wrapped up his 'RE:MINHO' concert in Guangzhou, China on the 26th with 7,000 fans in attendance!

The actor, who is enjoying massive popularity in the country, held his concert at the Guangzhou International Sports Arena on the 26th to return the love that fans have shown him. The actor sang all the tracks from his latest mini album 'Song For You', and also got closer with fans by asking for recommendations about good food in the area.

He kept his promise with fans by trying out the dish that fans suggested by posting a photo of him eating after the concert. To return the favor, many fans also waited for him at the airport in Guangzhou on the 27th at 2 AM (local time), holding each other's hands to create a human barricade for the actor's safety as he passed through and sang to him.

You can catch more of the actor in his movie 'Gangnam 1970' (formerly known as 'Gangnam Blues') premiering this coming January!

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Lee Min Ho drank a lot while filming his Tenwow commercials

Lee Min Ho recently attended Tenwow Tea's promotional event on October 21. An unusual tidbit came out when he was asked if there was anything interesting when filming the commercial. Lee Min Ho replied that he had to go to the restroom frequently because he drank too much. Say what? The interviewer was really surprised. She had to ask more about it.

The surprised interviewer kept asking, "How many bottles did you drink? Two? Three?" Lee Min Ho at first said two, but then said he couldn't remember. She explained that she was surprised because most actors would have pretended drinking the beverage or spit it out immediately after filming, so she complimented Lee Min Ho on his professionalism for drinking it for real. Lee Min Ho replied that he really drank it.

Well, since Oppa put full effort into making the commercials, let's enjoy his Tenwow Tea commercial.

In the first video, Lee Min Ho is praising the benefits that Tenwow's Honey Pomelo drink brings to your health and beauty.

The video begins with "Lee Min Ho's Beauty Classroom":

Tip #1; Listen to (him saying) "I love you" every day.

Tip #2: Cry less and sweat more.

Tip #3: Learn something new every day.

Then he says in Chinese, "Jian Kang (Health), Mei Li (Beauty), what's to drink?"

Answer: "Honey Pomelo Tea" because honey brings you health and pomelo brings you beauty, according to the commercial.

Sounds great! Now where can I get some of this tea?
(Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/lee-min-ho-drank-a-lot-when-filming-tenwow-commercials/)
Premiere Date for “Gangnam 1970” Starring Lee Min Ho Postponed to January 2015
Premiere Date for “Gangnam 1970” Starring Lee Min Ho Postponed to January 2015  - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
Upcoming action film “Gangnam 1970” (formerly referred to as “Gangnam Blues”), starring actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, has pushed back its premiere date from the originally scheduled November release to January of 2015.

Showbox, the film distribution company in charge of “Gangnam 1970,” put out a press release on October 24 that stated, “The release schedule for ’Gangnam 1970’ has been changed to January of next year.”

The distribution company explained, “In order to meet with a larger audience during the film market’s peak season in January, the premiere has been postponed.”

Plans for the very first preview screening that was to take place at a press briefing session on October 28, as well as the press premiere scheduled for the beginning of November, have also been adjusted accordingly.

Lee Min Ho's net worth : $10 million
Lee Min Ho's net worth : $10 million - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
The 27-year-old Korean star Lee Min Ho is one of the richest celebrities not only in Asia but also in the entire world, being able to gather an impressive $10 million net worth at such an early age. After letting go of his dream of becoming a soccer player due to an injury, Lee Min Ho started his modeling career, and soon after he was playing important roles in TV dramas.

The South Korean actor made his breakthrough in 2009 while playing Gu Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers (the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango). Since 2009, Lee Min Ho has become one of the most admired and loved Korean actors worldwide because of popular dramas such as Faith and The Heirs. His wealth will only continue to grow with his popularity.

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Lee Min Ho, successfully completes Beijing concert… Flare of global tour
Lee Min Ho, successfully completes Beijing concert… Flare of global tour - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
Actor Lee Min Ho has fired the flare of his global tour 2014 ‘RE:MINHO’.

Lee Min Ho started his first stage of ‘RE:MINHO’ in the middle of hot cheers and shouts from local fans at Mastercard Center, Beijing on 4th.

Lee Min Ho, who opened the concert with his hit drama ‘The Inheritors’ OST ‘Painful Love’, continued singing his first album track ‘My Everything’ which is a ballad that moistures the autumn emotion and also ‘Pieces Of Love’.

He digested the whole songs of his new album ‘Song for you’ with live band and sang 12 songs in total including accompanied performance with Royal Pirates that appeared as a guest. His more intensified sound and performance captured Chinese fans.

Special events were also included. 4 fans that were picked from the SNS event ‘Please draw Lee Min Ho’ gave presents of his pictures which they drew by themselves in frames and instant signing event on stage also went along. Lee Min Ho gave special items of his donation platform PROMIZ as presents.

Lee Min Ho is having tour ahead in Asian areas such as Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Korea, and Japan starting from Beijing. He has the release of his end-of-the-year movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ ahead.

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'Innisfree' releases still cuts of SNSD's Yoona & Lee Min Ho from the set of their upcoming CF
'Innisfree' releases still cuts of SNSD's Yoona & Lee Min Ho from the set of their upcoming CF  - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
Cosmetic brand 'Innisfree' releases still cuts of their endorsers actor Lee Min Ho and SNSD's Yoona from the set of their upcoming Green Christmas Campaign ad filming.

From the photos, Lee Min Ho and Yoona are sitting beside each other holding crafts and smiling. According to 'Innisfree', Green Christmas Campaign CF will be released in late November.

Lee Min Ho Tops Oricon Daily Chart with Latest Album
Lee Min Ho Tops Oricon Daily Chart with Latest Album - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
Actor Lee Min Ho has topped the Oricon Daily Chart in Japan with his second album, “Song for You.”

Released on October 9, Lee Min Ho’s latest album topped the Oricon Daily Chart, proving the actor’s popularity. Previously in May, Lee Min Ho’s album for his fans “My Everything” also came at first place on the Oricon Daily Chart.

“Song for You” is similar to “My Everything” in the sense that it is a special album he released for his fans, without any extensive promotions or TV appearances.

“Song for You” consists of five tracks, including title track “Song for you,” along with other tracks “Paradise in Love,” “Stalker,” “Travel,” and “Burning Up.”

Lee Min Ho will be holding his concert in Japan on October 12 and October 13.

“Gangnam Blues” Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won Sets Premiere Date
It has been finally confirmed that upcoming action film “Gangnam Blues” will premiere in November.

Set in the developing district of Gangnam, Seoul, in the 1970s, the movie follows two young men that get involved in criminal gangs, real estate, and political circles in order to protect their rights.

Lee Min Ho will be playing Kim Jong Dae, whereas Kim Rae Won will take on the character of Baek Yong Ki. Both of them have nothing to lose or fear, and their main asset is their strong physique and stellar fighting skills.

The anticipation is already rising for “Gangnam Blues,” and viewers are expecting to see a completely new side of the two talented actors.

Are you excited for this movie?

Lee Min Ho reveals plans for next year in global press conference for 'RE:MINHO' in Beijing
The press conference for Lee Min Ho's global tour 'RE:MINHO' took place in Beijing, China on October 3.

He revealed that he unfortunately did not have the time to sing a song in Chinese for this upcoming music release, but he wanted to unveil a Chinese song next year, again showing how much he appreciated the overseas love he received as a hot Hallyu star. In addition, he talked about his upcoming movie 'Gangnam Blues' and his desire to do a melodramatic movie next year. It looks like he has a lot of plans for upcoming 2015!

In addition, it was no surprise that a ton of fans showed up at Gimpo International Airport on October 3 to see the actor, who was leaving for a concert in Beijing.

His second album, 'Song For You,' will be out this month, so get ready to melt into a puddle at this sound of his soothing voice!

Watch Lee Min Ho sing Happy Birthday
Now we know why OSIM signed Lee Min Ho as their new ambassador. The timing is perfect to have the perfect man sing the Happy Birthday song to celebrate OSIM's 35th anniversary, and his adoring fans got to sing with him too. We have the cute and happy video to share with you.

The occasion was "An Unforgettable Moment with Lee Min Ho and OSIM's uDiva" on September 28. See candid photos from the event here.

Lee Min Ho was so nice in agreeing to sing the happy birthday song. Can you tell if he knew he was going to be asked?

Aww... I'm going to watch it again already. Did you like it too?

Lee Min Ho has said that he likes chocolate dessert. I hope the cake was chocolate.

Whether it's your birthday or not, have a great Happy Day!

Lee Min Ho to collaborate with rock band Royal Pirates for his 'RE:MINHO' tour
Lee Min Ho to collaborate with rock band Royal Pirates for his 'RE:MINHO' tour - Lee Minho Philippines - leeminhoph.com
Royal Pirates' entertainment label Apple of the Eye Co. has announced that the rock band will be collaborating with Hallyu star Lee Min Ho for his upcoming 'RE:MINHO (Reboot Lee Min Ho)' tour!

SEE ALSO: Lee Min Ho raises 50,000 USD to build a well in Africa

Actor and musician Lee Min Ho will be launching his concert tour this weekend on October 4 in Beijing, China. He will be joined on stage by Royal Pirates, who will perform some of their own songs before having a joint, collaborative stage with Lee Min Ho. As the public is used to seeing Lee Min Ho as a charming, flower-boy actor, fans are anticipating the kind of performance he will deliver as a rock star.

This is not the first time Royal Pirates was invited to share the stage with the actor, as Lee Min Ho had invited them to his 'My Everything' concerts back in January and March. On the Royal Pirates' feelings about performing alongside Lee Min Ho once again, Apple of the Eye Co. stated, "As they will be able to collaborate at Lee Min Ho's concert, the [Royal Pirates] members are greatly anticipating it... Royal Pirates are going to fully prepare to see their Asian fans and to have a great time."

In other news, Royal Pirates released the deluxe version of their album 'Love Toxic' this past September 19. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be releasing his second special album 'Song for You' this month. Both Lee Min Ho and the Royal Pirates will be performing together at Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul for the 'RE:MINHO' tour.