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Save The Date with KyoChonPh - Lee Minho Philippines -
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Lee Min Ho in Gangnam Blues (Tagalized) Trailer 2015
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Kyochon: Save the date!
Kyochon: Save the date! - Lee Minho Philippines -

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Lee Min Ho Causes Traffic Jams in Manila, Has Street Named After Him in Tokyo
Lee Min Ho Causes Traffic Jams in Manila, Has Street Named After Him in Tokyo - Lee Minho Philippines -
With nearly 30 CF contracts domestically, actor Lee Min Ho is quickly earning the nickname “CF King.”

The word on the street is that companies that start off with one-year exclusive contracts with the actor end up extending the contract to two or three more years.

This is not to mention Lee Min Ho’s many endorsements abroad, where he has enjoyed overwhelming popularity since starring in hit dramas “Boys Over Flowers” and “Heirs.”

On February 24, Lee Min Ho demonstrated the full force of his popularity when he visited the Philippines for a fan meeting. Major media outlets covered his visit, which caused such traffic in downtown Manila that reporters joked, “Let’s make the day Lee Min Ho visits a national holiday.”

Last year in October, a horde of fans were waiting for Lee Min Ho when he landed at the airport for his Guangzhou fan meeting. There were so many fans that they were told that the star would only come out of the regular passageway if they cooperated by forming a human barricade and maintaining a safe distance.

Moreover, in May of last year, a poster of Lee Min Ho was hung up in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. There is even a street known as “Lee Min Ho Street” nearby Shin-Okubo station in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, according to the actor’s management agency Star House Entertainment, Lee Min Ho is currently shooting commercials while deciding on his next project.

Lee Min Ho from 'Gangnam 1970' is TNGT's model this year
Lee Min Ho from 'Gangnam 1970' is TNGT's model this year  - Lee Minho Philippines -
Actor Lee Min-ho, who is riding on the wave of the box-office success of "Gangnam 1970," was revealed on Thursday as Korean menswear brand TNGT's model for this spring-summer season.

In the campaign titled "Lee Min-ho's Real City Life," the 27-year-old showcases the "total lifestyle" fashion brand’s smart casual look, targeted at 20-something students and young male professionals.

The Korean actor won acclaim for his performance beside Kim Rae-won in the crime noir flick, also marketed as "Gangnam Blues," which is set to hit screens across Asia and North America in March.

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Lee Min-ho Takes on Tough Role in Latest Film
Lee Min-ho Takes on Tough Role in Latest Film - Lee Minho Philippines -
Herds of young moviegoers are rushing to the theaters to see heartthrob Lee Min-ho who appears in the gangster film, "Gangnam Blues".

While Lee became popular after a series of hit TV shows, he was hardly seen on the silver screen after he played a small part in a comedy film in 2008.

Lee owes his popularity to "nice-guy" roles, but this time he challenged himself with the part of a tough guy who gets caught up in organized crime.

"I wanted to do a film in my late twenties, and I think it was a good decision to wait until I met this film", Lee said. "I didn't feel I was forcing myself to fit certain characters but I wanted to spend time finding suitable roles that I naturally agree with. In doing so, I got a chance to star in the film, and I was personally satisfied with it".

The film portrays poverty and sufferings in the 1970s when the modernization drive began. "I'm so thankful that I was not born in the hard times of the past. It is true that modern life has become tough for a lot of young people in their twenties right now, but there are still more opportunities than in the 1970s", he said. "I hope moviegoers realize how lucky they are and live their life more fully after watching the film".

The film is set in the 1970s, when a real estate development boom swept across Gangnam and depicts the collusion between local politicians and gangsters at the time.

Lee Min-ho proves mettle on big screen
Lee Min-ho proves mettle on big screen - Lee Minho Philippines -
"Gangnam 1970" is showing signs of becoming a megahit in the local market bringing in nearly 300,000 moviegoers in two days.

According to industry data, nearly 130,000 people went to see Lee Min-ho's new movie on Thursday - the second day since its release -? to push up the total to 292,114.

The R-rated movie follows the lives of Lee Min-ho's Kim Jong-dae and Kim Rae-won's Baek Yong-ki.

The two are poor kids-turned-gangsters who hope to ride the waves of real estate development to the big time.

The movie, however, does not focus on the glamour of the rapid development of Korea in the 1970s but sheds light on the dark side of development driven by profit.

The movie has been the focus of much media attention in the run up to its release fueled in part by Lee and Kim, and in part by the director's gritty take on reality as well as his uniquely realistic action scenes.

Aided by the hype, the movie clinched first place in advance ticket sales on Tuesday morning, according to data from the Korea Film Council.

On the day before the release, the movie carved up nearly 24 per cent of the total ticket bookings in Korea, outpacing "Ode to My Father" (15.8 per cent).
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